Friday, May 13, 2022

What's for Dinner?


The night before a meet there are several important things to consider, packing supplies, resting, and being mentally prepared. But the most important question I face as a Mom is usually, "What's for dinner?" as a Mom you really have to answer, you can't look back and say, shoot, I dunno, what is for dinner? We usually do a shrimp or chicken alfredo- and someday I'll make a video about my secret recipe....... someday. The above pic is from google, mine never looks like that tbh....

 But I wondered, what does everyone else eat?  I thought I would ask a couple of the flyers coaches, team Moms and even some National groups.... and here are the answers I got.

Coach Spencer: "Pasta"

Coach Frank: "Pasta! Anything high carb, low fat, light proteins work great! Most importantly hydrate, HYDRATE! Water is the key to sweating through a hot day at the track, especially when competing. Moms, Dads lil ones and even coaches and officials should be getting as much water in their systems as possible. Energy drinks can have high levels of caffeine, potassium, calcium, sugars and even sodium that can literally wreck your electrolyte levels and could potentially have effects on muscle contractions within the body, even the heart"

Coach Nancy: "Carb and Veggies are always good. Nothing too heavy like fried foods, Lots of water today!"

Coach Pal: "For most track events lean meat like chicken or turkey, vegetables and starch. Limit fried foods, not spicy. Long distance favorite is meat and pasta. Don't over eat"

Team Mom Tralynza: "Carbs and watermelon, for hydration. My son eats watermelon throughout the weel to help keep hydrated as well, specifically chicken alfredo with very little chicken or just the pasta and sauce"

Coach Troy H.: "Grilled Chicken, rice and vegetables"

Coach Mary Jo- "Definitely Pasta! Chicken Alfredo or Spaghetti are my girl's favorites"

Coach Keith- "Chicken Pasta, or fish and rice pilaf... but drink two glasses of water the night before a meet"

People from the "National and International Youth Track and Field" group on facebook (shout out!)

Chavun Chadwick- "Chicken alfredo or something pasta based.... learned from our team coaches"

Dub Williams- "Bourbon marinated Salmon and mac & cheese... my lil dudes favorite" 

Wallace Hudson- "Chicken Pasta at all times"

With so many people saying pasta and carbs, I had to ask "why craig?!" and I went to google. 

National advice

 What to bring—- 

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Dear Track Mom….


Hey Mama,

I see you’re signing your baby up for Summer track, so I feel I should warn you...

You’re signing up for more than endless sun-beaten hours, sitting on hard and uncomfortably hot bleachers and weekends and weekends of meets.

You’re also signing up for awkward first encounters with new parents.

For a backseat full of competitively rowdy (and stinky) track kids.

For a pretty penny in shiny new equipment, and an endless amount of spikes and searching for a spike tool. 

And for a lifetime supply of sunblock with a membership to the 'where the hell did you leave your uniform” club.

But Mama, I also feel you should know…

You’re signing up for those new parents to become a family like no other.

For those kids to become beloved children that you root for as loud as your own.

For the medals and ribbons to become your most prized trophies.

For those wrinkled bibs to become priceless treasures.

And for those fleeting hours on well-loved bleachers, to become sun-drenched memories that last a lifetime.

So, while you’re about to sign your baby up for Summer track...

You’re signing up to play a part in one of the greatest sports in history.

You’re about to become a track mom.

You’re about to fall in love.

And Mama… One more thing...

Years from today, you’ll look at the new moms signing up their little runners and throwers.

And you’ll see them the way I see you now. With sympathy for the trials they are about to endure, but more so, with envy for all of the triumphs yet to come... Enjoy it while it lasts. ♥️

* Revised from a post from Raise Her Wild with Mehr Lee

Friday, April 29, 2022

What is What is FAT Timing.... What is a PR?

 Wouldn't is be great if there was a place you could go to track the records you child has in their events?

Let me introduce you to

But FIRST! What is F.A.T. timing?? Fully automated timing uses cameras to track official times, it means that the time is "legit" the automation companies are far more accurate than hand timing (a person with a stopwatch) 

FAT timing means there is a link where you can get updated times as soon as results are finalized. The link is usually posted by the meet host. These will be linked to the account your coach has set up for your athlete. You are able to go into, create a free account and "claim" you child as an athlete to track their progress. Also you can check to see how kids their age are performing at a national level. also has a page where you can track our Club and see schedules for upcoming meets and schedules. Link:

When you aren't sure what is going on there are resources but you have to know and ask!

Track your athlete's performances yourself! I keep a note on phone with PR's (personal record) in the events we run so we can keep up and so she knows her goals, how can someone reach and surpass a goal without know what it is?

Keep running!

It's meet day! What is going to happen?

 So meet day has finally come! Are you nervous? I am. EVERY. SINGLE. MEET. I'm not even competing but I still get meet day nerves, and that's okay.

Breakfast- this is a personal choice, our athlete can handle a breakfast taco but always fruit. Sometimes a bagel with cream cheese and lots of berries with orange juice. We try and limit dairy before races, I'm not actually sure why but our Coaches said so, and we listened. Most of the time we're scrambling and eating in the car, so please don't imagine a picture perfect morning. We have a playlist with some really upbeat music but usually don't start it until about 15 mins before we get there.

You should arrive 30-45 mins before the meet start time. You will arrive to some sort of a stadium and you are looking for a team representative either a coach or team mom hold a large envelope. That person will have the team bibs, (what is a bib?! that paper with the numbers that runners wear on their shirts, calm down, you're going to be okay).

Pin your bib on your athlete's shirt. To the front under their chest area, like more of a stomach area. Check out Kollin below. 

Make sure your athlete is drinking water, even if the morning is cool we want to be hydrated for the heat of the afternoon. 

Depending on the time your athlete is running you will have to decide if they need a snack or not. As a reminder, no stadium food before all events are done. 

Have a schedule handy and know the races before and after your events, most calls (when they start asking athletes for a particular race to come down) will happen at the beginning of the event prior to yours. Team Moms will do a good job of repeating the announcements via messenger. When it's time go down towards the starting line your athlete will need to go to the check in area- by themselves-  this area varies by meet and meet host. Just ask someone- literally anyone, and keep asking until you get an answer. 

When your athlete goes to check in, they will not need anything but their spike bag. 

When they check in they will be placed in heats, they will be put in lines and told to sit with the kids from their heats. It's important they stay in order.

Watch them run, yell loudly and they will come back to you after the times are recorded!

How to keep records coming soon!!

Monday, April 25, 2022

Stadium Food.....and other things that cause heartburn

Though having food trucks is becoming the norm for track meets in the great Houston area, it's really important to have fresh, healthy options for your athlete at the meet- and for you too! All of our Coaches stress, no stadium food until you have run all your races, this is hard to do without better options. 

Here are some screenshots of my list from my favorite place ever- HEB (still, not a sponsored spokesperson though... anyone got a plug for that? haha)

  • Plenty of cut up fruits, they help with hydration and are so tasty. When I'm having a slower week in my job I will order the whole fruit and diligently cut up what I like, and be very proud of myself. But normally I'll pay the upcharge and but it already cut up. Frozen fruit works well too, and says pretty cold, also it's generally cheaper than fresh cut fruit.
  • Peanut butter and jelly does the trick for our athlete for a mid morning snack, stay away from dairy, cheese and anything heavy. I've had parents tell me lunchmeat and bread only sandwiches work for there kids but it definitely will be up to you and what your child will eat. 
  • Crackers- and other things that end up being like an adult lunchable- my husband, son and I enjoy these during the meet and try to cut back on nachos and hot dogs, but definitely get those sometimes too. We also buy from the food trucks when we are really hungry. I use the sauna like conditions at meets to help me kick start my very late summer diet. haha 

----Also, the ice cream sandwiches are just because when I get home I treat my self and there's no better way to end a long hot day..... alas, also the reason for the lighter food during the day. Call me old fashioned but an ice cream sammy is always a win for me! 

Obviously we don't take all of this to every meet, we don't just sit around eating all day. But this is a sample portion of my grocery list during active track season, and I hope it gives you a good idea of types of things to have handy.

Happy Snacking,


Track Meet Essentials by Karen!


Track Meet Essentials

2022 Spring/Summer season

By: Karen Miniex

This is NOT an ABSOLUTE list; you do not have to have/bring all of these items, but these are items I have found to be helpful for a long day at a track meet. You will not want to find and run to a store during the meet. 

Basic Essential Items to pack for Athletes



  • SUNSCREEN (a sunscreen spray comes in clutch!)

  • Extra socks and tights/leggings; a Tshirt to wear over uniform when not competing; flat shoes (sneakers, Crocs, flip flops for when not competing)

  • Gel Ice Pack; Cooling towel (soak in icy or water before use); Lotion (no one wants to be ashy); Chapstick (no one wants dry lips); TigerBalm/BioFreeze/IcyHot for sore muscles

  • WATER and MORE WATER (also Gatorade or Pedialyte is good to have on hand IN ADDITION TO WATER)

    • A LARGE water bottle (i.e. bigger than standard 22 oz), preferably a stainless steel insulated bottle to keep water cool/cold. This bottle will be with your child even when they are not able to reach you in the stands, so that is why it should be larger.


  • Cooler backpack (or a wheeled cooler) to keep food cool

  • For athletes, lighter foods/snacks are best during meets

    • Fruit (e.g bananas, apples, oranges, watermelon)

    • Pretzels, SmartPop popcorn, NutriGrain bars

    • Carrots

    • Fruit snacks

  • Families can bring food (FYI many track meets have food vendors but it can get pricey!)

  • WATER and other drinks (juice, soda, Gatorade) *A few disposable water bottles filled with water FROZEN beforehand are good to keep on hand*

Family essentials (In addition to items listed above)

  • TicketLeap App on your phone to easily pull up your purchased Spectator Tickets

  • Phone charger or battery pack (track meets are long!! You don’t want a dead phone.)

  • Cushioned stadium seat for bleachers and/or a portable canopy chair for sitting in grassy areas *Get a carrying bag for either! Trust me! You can find these easily at Academy, Amazon, or Walmart*

  • Hand sanitizer

  • A large umbrella to block sun if sitting in bleacher stands

  • A poncho, in case it rains (the track meets do NOT stop because of rain)

  • Tylenol/ibuprofen and band-aids (FYI there are certified athletic trainers at each track meet to take care of the athletes, but it’s good idea to have these items on deck for your family) 

  • Sunglasses

  • Binoculars

  • Gum

  • If you have little ones in tow, you may want to bring an iPad/tablet or other items to keep them entertained

  • If you will prefer to sit in the grassy areas instead of the bleacher stands, you will want to get an outdoor wagon cart to haul and store all of your items. *You can easily find these collapsible outdoor wheeled carts at Academy, Amazon, and Walmart–get the kind that has the rugged thick outdoor wheels instead of the thin wheels.*

NOTE: I have a 9 yr old son in Track, so there are other items to consider if you have a girl, a long-haired child, or an older child. competing. Some of those items include: Deodorant, hair ties/scrunchies, headbands, headphones, etc.

What's for Dinner?

  The night before a meet there are several important things to consider, packing supplies, resting, and being mentally prepared. But the mo...